Welcome to the Friends World Club

In this new era warm and cordial relation among the people of the world is essential to make this world a better place to live together and help them in their individual life tradition and as well as in their profession and develop a business community. The Friends World Club (FWC) is one of the bids in making this world lively and cozy. Friends World Club actually strives at having a strong network of people from across the globe. It not only gives diverse experience but also helps one to understand the world, thereby easing the life. All individuals are welcome to our club regardless of their nationality, age, sex, color, cast and creeds or academic qualification.

We aim to develop Friends World Club as the best platform to work together, all you need to be a part of this club is a complete heart, open mind and helping hands. The prospective club members and volunteers need to be sincere, cooperative, and self-motivated for voluntary works. They should be ready to respect the local and international culture and life tradition wherever they visit. Keep in mind - once you make friends, they are forever, so never to be forgotten.



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